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Does my tooth need to be extracted?

Dental Pain | Extractions Norfolk MAIn certain cases, a tooth extraction is the best course of treatment and can often be avoided. 

A patient with a severely decayed or damaged tooth may need to have the tooth removed.

Tooth extraction may also be necessary prior to orthodontic treatment if the teeth are crowded in the jawbone. If the jawbone cannot be expanded to allow the teeth to fit in the proper alignment, then tooth extraction offers another option to the orthodontist and patient.

If a tooth fails to erupt properly and becomes impacted, extraction is highly recommended. This often occurs with the third molars, or commonly known as wisdom teeth. Those third molars are prone to infection and other complications when they become impacted, and it’s best to have them removed.

A patient that has no alternative should take comfort in the technology available to replace an absent tooth.

Planning for tooth replacement

If your tooth does need to be removed, you should begin to plan the process of replacing it before the extraction takes place. Most patients want to fill in the resulting gap in the smile as soon as possible after they heal from the extraction.

If you think you may need an extraction, contact Norfolk County Dental Care as soon as possible. 

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