Welcome to our Norfolk County Dental Care family! We are always thrilled to welcome new patients and their families to our dental practice.

Our top dentists in Norfolk, MA have years of experience treating patients of all ages, and we offer everything you and your loved ones need to enjoy healthy smiles for life.

We also offer advanced dental services like cosmetic dentistry and same-day restorations!

Convenience, Location, and Affordability

For your convenience, we offer evening hours. This schedule helps busy families get the care they need without disrupting their plans. We also treat dental emergencies and accept many insurance types to make dentistry more accessible for you.

Our dental office is located on Main Street between Rockwood Road and across from the three-way intersection at Independence and Main. We are in the same building as Norfolk County Pizza and across from the library.

Additionally, we offer an exclusive membership plan. This paid Membership Club allows you to get the dentistry you need affordably without insurance, and it also comes with discounts on specific treatments. Talk to a team member to learn more.

Our 2021 Partnership with House Full of Smiles

We have partnered with Dr. Many’s House Full of Smiles to be better serve a more significant number of local patients and families. If you’ve been a patient of Dr. Many’s and would like more information about this exciting development, give us a call today.

For Affordable Dental Care in Norfolk, Contact Us

We look forward to meeting you! If you are ready to schedule an appointment at Norfolk County Dental Care, contact our office today at (508) 528-6510!

Our dentists proudly serve patients everywhere, including Franklin, Walpole, Foxboro, Wrentham, Medfield, and Norfolk.