Teeth Extractions in Norfolk, MA

Dental Patient in Chair | Dentist in Norfolk MA At Norfolk County Dental Care, we strive to save natural teeth whenever we can in order to protect the oral health and smiles of our patients. However, sometimes teeth extractions in Norfolk, MA are necessary. Tooth loss leads to bone loss and can impact your remaining teeth and your appearance, so repairing a troubled tooth with a root canal, filling, or crown is often the least expensive and least complex treatment.

When a tooth cannot be treated or is causing problems like overcrowding or pressure against other teeth, an . In these special cases, we will likely recommend a tooth extraction in Norfolk, MA.

We offer comfortable tooth extractions by Norfolk dentists Dr. Xi Sun, Dr. David Iadarlola, or Dr. Nicole Ford, who will always keep your health and comfort in mind.

When Tooth Extractions in Norfolk, MA are Necessary

There are a number of situations that can lead needing a tooth extraction. Some of them include:

  • Infection
  • Split teeth
  • Teeth broken at the gumline
  • Teeth with previous root canals
  • Overcrowding
  • Impacted teeth

If you think you might need an extraction in Norfolk, give our dentist in Norfolk, MA a call to learn about all of your options.

Digital Tooth | Teeth Extractions in Norfolk, MATeeth Extractions in Our 02056 MA Dental Office

Removing a tooth can require a simple extraction, in which we remove teeth that have erupted (emerged) from the gums. Or a surgical extraction might be needed to remove teeth hidden beneath the gums.

After completely numbing the area, we gently rock the tooth to loosen it from the ligaments that hold it in place. Then we gently lift the tooth out and place stitches, if needed. 

Teeth Replacement Options

For teeth other than wisdom teeth, you will likely want to replace your missing tooth. We offer a number of options to restore your smile.

Dental Implants

Many people consider this the best way to replace missing teeth because it replaces the entire tooth, including the root. Surgical placement of the implant into the bone encourages stability and longevity.

Implants do not move or shift, making them both reliable and aesthetic.

Dental Bridges

A popular non-surgical option for patients to complete their smiles, dental bridges hold an artificial tooth in the gap between teeth using two special dental crowns.

We offer CEREC bridges in our Norfolk dental office, making it possible to have your bridge completed and placed in a single dental visit.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Norfolk, MA 

Teens and young adults require an evaluation of their wisdom teeth to determine if they need extraction. Wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to be overcrowded or misaligned, creating problems with the bite.

We sometimes perform wisdom teeth extractions in our Norfolk dental office. For complex cases, we may refer our patients to a trusted oral surgeon.

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A painful tooth does not necessarily mean you need an extraction. Contact our Norfolk dental office to arrange an appointment to get the answers you need.