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How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

February 23, 2021
Posted By: Norfolk County Dental Care
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Feeling nervous before your dental visit isn't unusual. In fact, you're hardly alone. Millions of patients feel some level of fear and anxiety for a variety of different reasons. Some patients may have had a bad experience that resulted in pain, while others are uncomfortable with the sights, sounds, and vibrations of dental equipment.

No matter why you feel like canceling your upcoming dental check-up, it's important to note that the right dental staff for you will work hard to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable. Delaying a preventive dental visit or ongoing tooth pain will only make any underlying oral health issue worse. By seeing your Norfolk County Dental Care dentist as routinely as you can, you help avoid painfully (and costly) dental emergencies. 

We Help Treat Dental Anxiety

It's easy to feel shy or timid, but your dentist should be a healthcare professional you can trust. By voicing your fear and nervousness, you let us work with you to keep each dental visit as pleasant as possible. We recommend letting our dental staff know if you would like extra TLC during your appointment with us. Let us know if you have had any bad experiences, and we will work with you to avoid repeating them.

Many patients fear the unknown, so we always discuss what we are doing before it happens. Educating our patients can go a long way towards demystifying any dental procedures. 

We like to think of our dental office as a way for patients to let go of the stresses of their day. We invite you to listen to your favorite music or audiobook or catch up on your favorite TV series while we focus on you. 

Deep, calming breaths work wonders in any situation: not just with us! It's always nice to focus on the tension in your body and slowly release it. Practicing breathing exercises like inhaling slowly for several breaths can help you disconnect from many situations. 

Sedation Dentistry in Norfolk Helps Ease Any Stress

We work with patients to relax their minds and body, but sedation dentistry in Norfolk, MA eliminates any possibility of feeling anything more than slight pressure. At Norfolk County Dental Care, we offer different levels of sedation for your dental treatments, including nitrous oxide and moderate oral sedation. 

Our dentists utilize local anesthetics, so patients never feel any pain or discomfort. Many patients express surprise at how quick, efficient, and painless their dental procedures often are. 

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