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5 Tips for a Successful Dental Implant Placement Recovery

June 15, 2021
Posted By: Norfolk County Dental Care
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Dental implants are most dentists’ go-to treatment recommendation for healthy patients who have lost a natural tooth. Here at Norfolk County Dental Care, we also believe in the power of dental implants and encourage many of our patients who need a tooth replacement treatment to pursue this option. 

If you’ve recently received a surgical dental implant or are curious about the process, we’ve compiled a list of five helpful tips to have a successful post-implant placement recovery:

#1: Be Patient With Your Healing Time 

Your dentist in Norfolk, MA will place your dental implant via surgery, which means your mouth needs some time to adjust and heal. Dental implants are the very best in artificial tooth technology, but they’re not an overnight fix. Expect to spend anywhere from three to nine months in the healing phase while your mouth recovers before your dentist will place your implant abutment and tooth crown

#2: Stick to Liquids and Soft Foods

Depending on how many dental implants you receive, you could be on a liquid and soft foods diet for days or even weeks. Practice getting all the nutrients your body needs through liquids now, such as via protein shakes, blended vegetables, and smoothies, so you’re prepared when the time comes. 

#3: Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene Habits

Once the post-surgery swelling subsides a few days after you receive your implants, it’s time to get back to your regular oral health routine. By diligently brushing, flossing, and keeping the area around your dental implant clean, you give your body the best chance of healing and the dental implant being successful.

#4: Avoid Hot Foods and Liquids 

When eating and drinking after getting dental implants in Norfolk, MA, stick to substances that are room temperature or cooler. Hot beverages and foods can be problematic while your body is trying to recover. You will also need to avoid tobacco and alcohol during this time until your dentist gives you the OK to resume. 

#5: Treat Your Mouth Delicately

Even though dental implant surgery is very safe and highly successful, any type of surgery is still stressful on your body. In the weeks following your dental implant placement, you will need to be very gentle with your mouth. We recommend leaving the stitches alone, not opening your mouth too wide, avoiding straws, delicately applying cold compresses as needed for swelling, and rinsing regularly with salt water to keep the area clean.

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