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What are common dental emergencies?

By the very nature of their design, dental emergencies are often painful and stressful. Sometimes, in the confusion of the moment, patients become unsure whether they should go to the emergency room or their dentist. 

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Injury—Loose teeth from an injury or trauma are not typical and should be looked at immediately. If you have had an accident and are experiencing loose teeth, you should call Norfolk County Dental Care directly. If you are also experiencing bleeding that won’t stop or have had a head injury—you should take yourself to an emergency room right away. Give our friendly dental team a call to let them know what has happened; we may be able to provide advice. ERs don’t commonly have a dentist on staff and may only be able to treat the bleeding or a broken jaw.
  • Tooth pain—Most dental problems are asymptotic, meaning that patients are unaware they have an infection, decay, or disease until it has reached critical stages. At this point, pain is often felt. If you are experiencing tooth pain, give our dentist in Norfolk, MA a call immediately so we can manage your pain and provide relief. In the meantime, you can apply a cold compress to the site for 20 minutes at a time to reduce swelling.
  • Knocked-out tooth—If you have knocked your tooth out of its socket, we may be able to save it if we can see you right away. It’s important not to handle the tooth by the roots; instead, pick it up by the crown. Keep your tooth safe in your mouth or a container of milk; it’s essential not to let the root dry out. This dental emergency is time-sensitive; we have the highest rate of success if we can see you within 30 minutes of the incident.
  • Infection—Infections never resolve themselves; it takes a dental professional to treat your dental issue. Over-the-counter medication can provide pain relief until you can see us.
  • Sensitive teeth—While a little bit of tooth sensitivity can be standard for some people. It can be unusual if it occurs suddenly or feels extreme. While sensitive teeth themselves are not a dental emergency, they are an indicator of an infection or something equally wrong

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