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What cosmetic dental treatments do you offer?

Patient smiling on a couch after cosmetic dentistry in Norfolk MATeeth Whitening in Norfolk, MA

In-Office Whitening Systems

  • This procedure is done by applying a solution every 15 minutes multiple times; with this, we offer the take-home system to enhance the whitening boost from the in-office system.

Take-Home Whitening Systems

  • This procedure is done in 2 steps.
  • Impressions are taken to create custom molds of your teeth.
  • We make the trays, have you back in 1-2 weeks, try them in, and go over the instructions for whitening material use to be done at home.

Crest Professional White Strips

  • These strips can only be purchased in the dental office. They do not require any additional visits in the office once purchased. They are the least expensive of all the systems and most likely need to be repeated more often.

With all the whitening systems it is important that you first have a cleaning and checkup to make sure your mouth is in good dental health.

Orthodontics in Norfolk, MA

Our Invisalign treatment at our 02056 dentist office starts by taking impressions and then a series of custom clear aligners are made to gently move the teeth into proper alignment

Tooth-Colored Dentistry

Esthetics in dentistry has become increasingly popular and all fillings, crowns, and bridges can be made or replaced without using unsightly metal materials

Porcelain Veneers

Thin, natural-looking porcelain is created to fit directly over the front of your teeth to hide any flaws

Full Smile Makeovers in Norfolk, MA

A comprehensive treatment plan is created to your liking to achieve the smile of your dreams If you are interested in improving the look of your smile, contact our office and we will gladly walk through or services with you.

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