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How many teeth can be extracted at once?

Our goal at Norfolk Dental Care is to preserve and strengthen your natural teeth. However, we also understand that tooth damage happens for many reasons, and we will take every measure possible to save an injured tooth. But when the damage is too much for us to fix, we will recommend removing your tooth, a procedure known as an extraction.

You may have several teeth extracted at once, depending on your unique oral health care needs. If you have a planned extraction, then we will set up your procedures to minimize your pain and promote quicker healing. For example, when we address wisdom teeth, we may remove them in pairs or extract all four teeth at once if they’re causing problems from which you need immediate relief.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Multiple Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extraction recovery depends on how complicated your procedure is. A simple extraction, where your Foxborough, MA dentist may vertically pull your intact tooth, heals most quickly with proper care. For this treatment, we begin by thoroughly numbing the area. We then manipulate the tooth to loosen it. Then we gently pull the tooth, leaving behind the space it used to occupy, called an empty socket. This socket is what heals as it closes, and maintaining the blood clot which closes your socket is a top care priority.

When a tooth is broken off at the gums or is impacted, meaning it has grown in sideways, we may need to perform a surgical extraction. 

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