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Can yellow teeth become white?

Tooth discoloration is a common problem that makes people dissatisfied with their smile’s appearance. The good news is that we can help resolve most forms of tooth blemishes. We use one of the least invasive Franklin, MA, cosmetic dental treatments available today: professional teeth whitening.

Yellow teeth become white with our high-quality, prescription-strength whitening treatments provided by the Philips Zoom! System for both at-home and in-office treatment options. The causes of yellow teeth that our teeth whitening system may fix are:

  • Staining from black coffee, red wine, berries, dark teas, and curries
  • Smoking and other tobacco use
  • Inadequate at-home oral care
  • Too infrequent dental cleanings

By using either Zoom! whitening method, our cosmetic dentists may be able to brighten your yellow teeth by up to eight shades, making them white, bright, and attractive.

Are Teeth Yellow Permanently?

If your teeth are discolored due to staining from food and drinks, smoking, or lower-quality dental care, your teeth don’t have to be yellow permanently. Our professional teeth whitening treatments by Philips Zoom! use a potent whitening formula that breaks up stubborn stains and then carries them away. However, some causes of yellow teeth are beneath the surface.

These stains, called intrinsic stains, result from medication or thinning tooth enamel, which allows the underlying dentin layer to show through. Because dentin is naturally brownish, your teeth appear yellow. Luckily, we offer numerous other cosmetic dental treatments that can eliminate the appearance of intrinsic stains.

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